Friday, June 28, 2013

Doctor Who! Post by McKenzie

So psyched to introduce our first post by an APL teen blogger!  Be on the lookout for more teen posts here on the APL Teen Zone Blog!

Recently I've finished series seven part two of Doctor Who. Part two, in my opinion, it was the absolute best of the series, you had a new companion known as the "impossible girl" as well as old foes like the Cybermen.

The most amazing episode of this series (and im sure you will agree) was the Name of the Doctor. This episode gave us insight into new and old characters, an amazing plot line that involved the doctor having to go and visit his own grave, and random silliness between Strax (the potato one), Vastra( the lizard one), and Jenny (the human one). 

You all know as well as I do that the Doctor visiting his own grave could potentially create a paradox, so it was interesting to see how it all play out. In conclusion this episode went above and beyond the normal standards and really did give surprises, if you don't know what doctor who is and you think this completely strange, then I suggest you watch a few episodes, it's a great summer activity.

-- Blog post by McKenzie


  1. I am such a doctor who fan and I love "souffle girl"!And just saying you will be completely confused if you don't watch the first episode when Amy comes in.I find it a bit confusing anyways haha.I still have no clue what happened with the liquified baby and everything? The whole Melody Pond and River Song thing I get but its kind of confusing me!I <3 Matt Smith!

  2. do you remember the episodes in series 6 'the rebel flesh' and the 'almost people'? well, Amy's baby was made out of the "flesh" to fool everyone in to thinking the doctor saved the day, while the silence made off with her.

    1. wait the slience got away with the real baby or amy? that episode was soo confusing!Happy fourth of July everyone!

    2. the Silence got away with melody, which is why we see Amy and Rory trying to contact the doctor in series six part two episode 1. Then we meet Mels who we find out is River, and River was meant to kill the doctor because she grew up with the silence. I hope you have seen all this so I'm not giving away spoilers.......anyways this is all really wibbly wobbly so I hope you better understand it now.

  3. I'm always so impressed by how many young children (I'm talking like, 8 and 9-year-olds) watch Doctor Who and actually understand what's going on way better than I do. (The same goes for Star Wars. After Episode 1 came out in the theaters, the kid I used to babysit at the time, who was about 6 then, had to explain large chunks of the storyline to me. Sigh.)