Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meet Leah!

Hey every one,
So I'll be writing this about my favorite and least favorite book! I'd have to say my favorite books are probably The Hunger Games series!  I like The Hunger Games because I can see the book in my mind like in a movie while I'm reading it!  It's a very popular series and I love it!!!!! =)

My least favorite books would have to be Little Women.  I hate Little Women because there isn't much action and I really enjoy action.  Why did you read Little Women you're probably asking?  Well...I'm homeschooled and my mom is my teacher, and she has me and my siblings read a book or two through out the school year. So yeah.

- Post by Leah
(Meet Leah here!)


  1. I'm homeschooled too! Do you like it? I hate it.

    1. What do you hate about it? I don't know why, but I'd always assumed you love being homeschooled.

    2. 1. It's boring being stuck at one desk all day.
      2. I see my friends once a week, tops.
      3. I only have one homeschooled friend, and I see her maybe once a month, on average.
      4. I'm the only person I see for hours at a time.
      5. There are no after-school clubs for me to join.
      6. I want to do vocab bee, but there are no homeschool teams that I know of.
      7. Star Wars geekdom is not typical, so I don't know anyone in person and I only have one virtual friend who loves Star Wars as much as I do.
      8. I love our Spanish teacher, but my classmates are: my annoying brother, his friend who is my age but acts like he's Bennett's age, and a high school guy.
      9. There aren't enough interested kids for me to be in an accelerated Spanish class like I want.
      10. All the other moms are obsessed with dragging their kids and other's kids on bad field trips.
      11. It's hard for me to make friends my age because of my poorly developed social skills.
      Most of all, I just hate being stuck home all day.

      There are some advantages, such as the fact that I'm going into eighth grade and am halfway through a freshman curriculum, and that I have more time to read my beloved geeky Star Wars books, and that my parents are totally cool with my going to high school, unlike most homeschool parents; but I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.