Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Two Related Things

TAG! Including our adorable
bride & groom!
 And we're back!  So the past couple of weeks here in APL-land have been absurdly busy.  We had our wonderful, fantastic, and generally ridiculous "Harry-Potter-Bill-and-Fleur's-Wedding" event last week, followed by a TAG (teen advisory group) meeting so huge we couldn't even fit it into our regular meeting space (wish I had a picture!).  
Me & the Death Eaters!
(Best looking Death Eaters I've ever seen!)

The kinda cool, kinda weird, kinda amazingly coincidental thing about the HP program is the fact that some pretty huge J. K. Rowling news broke just a few days after our event (oh I'm sorry, did I say "pretty huge" news?  What I meant to say is "HOLY FREAKING COW* THIS IS GIANT NEWS!!!).  So here's what happened (think of this as the "Tanvi Condensed" version): "The Cuckoo's Calling," an adult thriller/mystery/crime/detective novel by debut author Robert Galbraith comes out in April.  It doesn't sell very many copies, but it gets rave reviews by both critics and regular readers alike; in fact, a lot of people are so amazed by this book that they're all like, "no way is this written by a first-time author, it's too freaking good!"  Well, um, turns out they were right -- it wasn't written by a first-time author.  Actually, it was written by the woman herself, the phenomenon we all know as J. K. Rowling.  Who wrote a new book.  And published it under a pseudonym.  Which is kind of insane.  So a book that originally sold like, a couple thousand copies now has the coveted #1 bestseller spot on Amazon; and here at APL, we originally had 1 copy that like, never checked out--now there are 56 holds and the library is buying 7 more copies (yes, needless to say, it IS on my APL holds list).  

I know this isn't necessarily YA-related, since the book in question is an adult title, but does anyone think you'll try it out anyway?  Also, when asked if J.K. Rowling is the actual author of "The Cuckoo's Calling," she and her publisher readily admitted that she is.  Anyone else smell something fishy?  Think this was some sort of genius marketing ploy?  I kind of do.**

By the way, stay tuned for more teen posts!

*Yes, I realize that I am probably the only person on the planet who says "holy freaking cow," and I am totally okay with that.
**But I don't care!  I still love her!


  1. Thanks! I often (like, EVERY DAY) find myself in the unfortunate position of wanting to wear a hat to keep my hair contained, because it's so windy and having that hat wanting to blow away, because it's so windy. The only hat that seems to consistently stay put is a beanie.

  2. Heh. Today my kitten smeared herself with lily pollen. She now has a yellow stripe down her back!

    1. EDIT: Lily pollen is extremely toxic. Half an hour and half a bottle of non-toxic soap, we have one irate but clean kitten and three terrified humans. She's fine now.

  3. I have a sign on my door that says "Grace [my last name] is a JEDI!" in Aurebesh, the language they use in Star Wars.

    1. You TOTALLY should go to the Clinton library and ask Ann-Louise to do a Star Wars teen event. I definitely would've done one for you if I were still in NJ!

    2. Really? Cool! I don't go there that much, but I'll email them! I've found my true calling in life-racking up fines for DVDs that I forgot to return.

  4. Replies
    1. I know! We took it before you got there -- I was bummed you're not in it :/ You looked AWESOME in your Luna outfit.